" The Universe is vibration...." "The Universe is made of vibration..." "...Everything in the universe is vibration..." This work is based on the science and understanding of subtle energy: that because everything is vibration and energy it can be influenced or effected by even the relatively slightest energy and vibratory shifts or modulations; even by something as seemingly slight and "insignificant " as thought, intention, and "music". How this works is at these early stages wide open to research, speculation, and experimentation. The operative theory for this specific work herein however is rooted in the study of what has come to be known as sacred geometry. Everything in the physical universe is made of sacred geometry, specifically the structure known as the "flower of life" (pictured in the logo of this project). In fact as the flower of life is the electro-magnetic field of the universe there is no thing that can, could, or might exist in the physical universe that isn't in this geometry in some way, shape or form. Everything in the physical universe that appears as solid to us is actually a standing wave of energy, that over time will dissapate or otherwise transform into another form of energy vibration. The human energy field has an optimum default setting, and as such there are certain distinct vibrations that are more conducive to regaining or maintaining our perfect health and healing. There are certain vibratory frequencies that are optimum for self realization and initiation. This work affects us by creating a standing wave of some of these ancient seed sounds that have been known since the most ancient times to positively affect the human energy field, by mirroring an aspect of the everpresent "divine vibration", the ambient sound of the universe, some refer to as Aum or OM, the holy spirit, Amen, Amin, Amon, infinite consciousnes, and /or infinite love...


About the Toolkit:

The 25 works/tools that make up the Koxmik Toolkit are spiritual technology, subtle energy science experiments in sound healing. They were created for the community of the inspired. It is hoped they will share personal insights, relevant experiences, and inspirations sparked by the work. The 12 works/tools were created over a 3 week period in Oct. 2016. Each is comprised of the recording of a single human voice, a' cappella toning ancient seed sounds/mantras, using the singers lowest possible note, and then toning up the natural scale from there. Each recording was then layered and staggered in groups or multiples of 7. In this way unanticipated, deeply rich tapestries of harmonies and multi harmonics are woven together, resulting in astoundingly complex, yet simple soundscapes, that one can easily feel, even more than hear, as these evoke different moods and self perceptions each time one listens. The works are multifaceted mirrors that amplify and illuminate whatever one is meant to realize each time. As one might expect, the effects of each of the 12 tools is different for everyone each time. The theory is that the works create standing waveforms of the human base code, or optimum default setting of the human energy field; and consequently create a subtle energetic entrainment field that can have a beneficial effect on the entire endocrine system and its glands specifically. How this effects the listener depends on ones immediate overall state of health. Listeners have been reporting for example that if there is a gland that has been perhaps under functioning at the moment one listens, one might experience the effects of an increase of activity from that gland or the energy meridians associated with it throughout the course of the listening session and for a time thereafter. If one is in need of rest or sleep one might find themselves falling asleep within the first 10-15 minutes of listening. Listeners have reported profound insights and an overwhelming sense of peace as a result. An entrainment field is a field of energy that stimulates anything and everything within contact to align and be in resonance with it. These works appear to create and maintain the field during and after the music has ended. These works were created without knowing how the initial recording track would sound once it was layered and staggered. We are still coming to an understanding of just exactly what each of these tools does. That said the reported feedback so far has been so profound that we just had to share.


Spiritual Technology/Subtle Energy Science Koxmik Toolkit
Self Initiation Temple of Mirrors Resonance Chamber

HEADS UP: This work may induce mild trance states!
What we have here is a very powerful set of tools for optimizing emotional health, wellbeing, and personal spiritual development...

Mus.ic (noun): that which is received through inspiration from the divine breath of the Muses, one of the various twenty eight entities that throughout ancient times were recognized as the sisters or daughters of Zeus or Apollo, each presiding over a specific art or science and often associated with sacred springs and holy waters (vibrations). To receive such divine inspiration one prayed and invoked the muse to come and breath over us in our sleep, and we would breath in or "inspire" the divine breath, and awaken with this "idea". "Dea" is the Latin word for "goddess", the feminie form of the divine. Musicians then were those particularly adept at 'transceiving' idea, genius, and brilliance; that is receiving and transmitting divine inspiration from the muses, embodiments of the divine feminine.

In the winter of 1993/94 I experienced what I later came to call my spiritual acceleration, where I was in a state of bliss and divine communion 24/7 for nearly 3 months. During that time on two separate occasions while deep in meditation on divine communion I had the awe-mazing experience of actually hearing what can only be described as the celestial chorus. The work in this collection is the closest I've heard to anything that approaches those sounds of the celestial chorus. This is not something I initially ever sought or expected to do, but rather something I realized after listening to what I had created. This whole process has been about following inspiration to create, then try to figure out what exactly it is I've created.

The universe is vibration, subtle energy. This work is best understood as a product of experiments in subtle energy science. While it is certainly meditative, in that listening can induce meditative alpha and theta states of consciousness, we are just beginning to understand exactly what the full, cumulative, and long term effects might be on the human physiology, psyche, and consciousness.

Spiritual technology is a relatively new term used here to describe any object or technique employed as an aid for the sole purpose and intention of consciousness raising and development, self or soul initiation, and/or spiritual enhancement. By its very nature spiritual technology can not be abused and can only be beneficial.


Which brings us to what is this work exactly, and how did it come about? In the summer of 2016 while visiting a friend on Cape Cod who has been slowly losing her sight, I had an idea of how I could create an audio book version of my 2015 book ABSOLUTE TRUTH...? "Some of What the Universe Has Given to be Understood...", that I was then preparing an exhibition of for Burning Man 2016. The book is 200 full color pages of original words on original photography and paintings. It was written in 45 days, as each morning I would write whatever came to mind and post it on social media with a photograph. This created 45 chapters of short pointed ideas, poetic notions, and deeply philosophical if not profoundly metaphysical ideas about life, the universe, and the true nature of the ultimate reality.

Putting this into an audiobook seemed challenging, at least from my first attempt. But then I had the idea of composing music for each chapter. This would be certainly be a magnum opus of musical composition. No small feat as I have no formal musical training accept for a music theory course in college 40 years ago. But for the past year or so I'd been tinkering around with a music composition program, some of my spoken word art, and animation.

During the spiritual acceleration I began developing a chakra toning exercise that I've practices off and on for over twenty-two years since. In the winter of 2015 I recorded myself doing this technique. For this new project I began with that original recording of the chakra balancing technique. Beginning with a deep, full breath, while focusing thought and intention at the root chakra at the coccyx, toning OM at the lowest note one can sound; then moving up the spine to the other chakras along the central meridian to the crown chakra; and then imagining myself doing three chakras above the head(which form the literal 'crown' of chakras in the human energy field). After each tone taking a complete full breath and then allowing oneself to yawn before beginning the next higher tone and chakra. Then once reaching the top of the crown three chakras above the head, moving down the chakras along the front of the body back down to the root chakra. All of this is done using creative visualization, picturing each chakras spinning clockwise at a 5-6 inch diameter in a healthy way.

The idea came of layering and staggering the original track four times so that the toning overlapped the parts of the original recording where I was taking a deep breath or yawning. The result was so intriguing I added another movement that was layered and staggered seven times. The result was so rich and textured, a true soundscape that became even more dynamic the higher in the musical scale it went.

While this first recording was initially intended to be an overture or opening movement of the audiobook project, the physical effects I noticed in the first few moments of listening to the Four and Seven movements were immediate and profound. I knew I had discovered something important to explore, experiment with, and expand upon. I knew it was something like a hall of mirrors, or an energetic echo chamber. I released it a few days later mid August 2016 as OVERTURE: Self Initiation Chamber. Two weeks later at Burning Man I had the idea of expanding that complex dynamism that happens in the higher notes in both the Four and Seven movement by doubling it to 14 and 28. In September I set to work. And that resulted in the release of OVERTURE: Self Initiation Chamber Volume Two "One Four Seven Fourteen Twenty-Eight".

I thought the project was complete. Then I began promoting the release on social media primarily, soliciting feedback to see if listeners experienced any of the effects that I had myself noticed. The response was amazing because people reported similar results. I began to get some idea of what it is I've created, and then began to developed theories as to what is happening when we listen to this "music".


First off, all of this work is created a' capella, that is with a single human voice as an instrument approximating the natural intonation scale, the musical scale of nature, that the universe is made of. Once an initial track was first conceived of and then recorded using a particular mantra or combination of mantras, the finished recording track was then duplicated, layered, and stagered; without any idea of what the final product would sound like, or even more to the point, how it might actually effect the listener, if at all.

Upon the release of Overture: Volume Two I initiated what amounted to an informal beta-test, by sending through personal messages a link to listen for free to nearly 1,000 of my close personal friends and aquaintances. The feedback recieved began to fill out a picture of what this "music" was doing to us, and/or might have the potential to do for us. Some listeners have reported that this "music" appears to effect the endocrine system through the glands along the central meridian of our body. Each of these glands is theorized to be the cause of the vortexes of energy known as the chakras. The original toning technique I created was designed to run through the whole scale, up and back down, at each chakra to provide the optimum vibration to feed, and balance, and tone or tune each chakra as need be.

If a gland or chakra is under functioning, listening to this may stimulate it to its original optimum default setting. This may mean a sudden increase in its natural secretions, like for example an increase in serotonin levels in ones conscious waking state. This would explain why listeners report greater clarity of thought generally, and recieving key insights while listening and thereafter; as one of the signs of increased serotonin levels in ones conscious waking state is a heightening of ones pattern recognition ability; being able to see how everything is connected. There is in fact one tool in particular,{ #10. "Center of the Universe..." HU 28 Breakwater}, that we've found can under certain circumstances and conditions produce similar effects as the sensation of " being high" through the use of recreational drugs, except without the debilitating effects associated with that experience. Its dailed back version{ #9. "Perfection..." HU 21 the Point }is subsequently similar in its effects yet only less so.

A word about the titles of the tools. The general pattern is a number followed by an uplifting title that reflects the overall feel, message or area of focus of the piece, vague enough to leave it to the listener to define for themselves what a specific tool means to them. this is followed by the specific mantra or mantras toned in the original root voice recording of the peice. The primaray mantras toned in the 12 works/tools of the Kosmic Toolkit are: OM, HU, NEATH, HUNG, AH, EH, EE, OO, UU for {#11. "GENESIS..." AEIOU UOIEA 28 Night Beach Clear}, and "Love" for {#7."LOVE" 14*21 Heartbeach }. Neath, Neith, or Newt is an ancient Egyptian name of the goddess of the night sky or the divine feminine nature of the night sky symbolized on the walls of the tombs as the female form full of stars bending over the sarcophygus of the dead in the yogic positing of "downward dog". Perhaps this is the root of our word "under neath"...? Neath is also a symbol or embodiement of the pre-patriachic Great Cosmic Mother. In honor of her came the name for {#6."GREAT COSMIC MOTHER" Neath 21*28 Brook}.

A friend spent time in her late teens living and traveling on her own in Nepal and Tibet. She was entrusted at one point with the task of trekking an ancient scroll from one monastary to another across the Himalyas. She related to me that in the monasteries they were taught to tone three mantras before eating: 1."OM" or "AUM", 2." AH", and 3. "HUNG". Barbara Anne Brennan in her books ("Hands of Light" and " Light Emerging" ) on energy healing through working with the human energy field a.k.a ones aura, explains a technique for aligning with divine will through working with the human energy body known as the hara. When ones hara is in alignment one is in alignment wiht divine will. she explains that beneath the layers of the auric field is the level of intention where ones hara exists.There are five points to the hara: 1.) the point at the very center of the Earth; 2.) The tantien,1.5 inches below and behind the navel, ones will to incarnate; 3.) the point 2.5 inches below the base of the neck in the center of ones being, ones longing to incarnate; 4.) 3 feet above the top of the head, ones reason for incarnating; 5.) the infinite above. Twenty years ago I adopted the Tibetan pre meal tones to the Hara alignment meditation; asigning OM to the point at the center of the Earth; AH to the Tantien will point; HUNG to the longing point; Neath to the reason point of the Hara; and finally HUto the infinite above. This was the inspiration for {#3. Hara Tones 7*14*21*28 Borderline}.

You may have noticed that each piece has a number of tracks that are either seven or a multiple of seven. Seven is the only number between one and ten that doesn't divide evenly into 360 degrees, but instead creates a number that repeats to infinity, known as a transcendental number. It could be said then that seven is a number and harmonic of transcendence. Any number that is a multiple of seven is said to be in the seven harmonic. And any object intricately connected with the number seven is in the seven harmonic. For example Saturn takes approximately 7.3 years to go a quarter way around the Sun, 14.6 years to go half way, 21.9 to go three quarters, and between 28 and 29.5 to go completely around. The optimum meditative state is when our brainwave pattern is at 7 cycles per second, and we get there by bringing our breath rate to seven breaths per minute. The base frequency of planet Earth is 7.8 cycles per second (caused by the 3-4000 lightning strikes that happen on the entire planet everyday). The ambient vibration of the universe known as AUM or OM has a wavelength of 7.23 centimeters. For all these reasons I chose the seven harmonic as a basis to structure this work.

Each of these recordings is unique in character as you will no doubt discover. Each one has the potential to effect each one of us in a subtle and uniquely profound way. There are some that are merely peaceful, while others are for the deeper work. The pieces that have 28 tracks usually have the deepest resonance. My theory is that they create a resounding standing waveform of energy that we recognize as optimum, and can take a while after the recording stops to dissipate. This may mean you feel yourself physically buzzing for a time after listening.

The 13 tracks of Volume Two came about because something said i had to make a recording using the word "grace". so i did and that became #13. This inspired my curiosity to hear what would happen if i toned the words "money", "joy", "truth", "ulula" (from the word 'ululation'), "wow" (the universal mantra), and "blue". After doing all that i knew i should complete the set of a dozen to fill out the volume which began a deeper exploration of the whole project and an attempt to understand what it is i might be creating with this work. Today it occurred to me that this work can probably be best understood as a set of tuning forks. Each has the capacity to induce mild trance states. and the cumulative effect activates ones consciousness and energy bodies to increase psychic sensitivity and focus on fulfilling ones personal earthly mission. That is all...:)

While I recommend listening with headphones to get the full effect, even playing on any sound system will create a vibratory entrainment field for some distance around the speakers. You may notice nearby natural objects of wood and stone begin to vibrate in sync with the recording. You can imagine what benefit these vibrations might be having with our cells. Listening with headphones creates a resonance chamber within the resonant cavity of our skull, and within the temple of our mind though our applied intention.

One of the cumulative effects of listening to these recordings from my personal experience is that they tend to loosen the energetic structures of our thoughtforms and emotional charges in our personal energy field; which in turn makes it easier to identify them and dispel them as need be by making different choices.

Because we've seen this work can have such discernible effects on us physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, I came to realize that it is a form of spiritual technology rather than purely music per se. The physical universe is vibration. These recordings as the tools in a cosmic toolbox are working with the base code of the universe like a retuning fork. Please play with them, make them your own, use them as you see fit, and let us all know what you discover...You are welcome and encouraged to leave your feedback about the work or any of your personal insights concerning the the Toolkit, spiritual technology, or subtle energy science on the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/spiritechkoxmiktoolkit/

David Alexander English
Venice Beach, CA, USA, Western Hemisphere, Third Rock, Solar System, Spiral Arm, Milky Way, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Known Universe, Physical Plane, Realms of Density, The Universe, Multiverse, Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Love, Absolute Truth, Everlasting Immortal Life, The Ultimate Reality...


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"...This work is a catylst to inspire humanities inevitably neccessary focus, exploration, study and mastery of subtle energy science..."