blue muse

avant-garde cartoon experimentz


b.muse #4. electromagnetizm...?


...Blue Muse started in 1982 as a single panel cartoon for a little start-up home town newspaper called the Woods Hole began as a way to publish these original aphorisms i had been composing through my hitchhiking travels for the two years previous since graduating college in ' that time i was like most people and didn't think i could draw even a stick figure...after i got the go ahead for the series from the newspapers founder and editor it immediately evolved into drawing each letter in an attempt to make each piece an event that would change peoples lives for the better soon grew into doing whatever it would take to make it an unforgetable work...i basically taught myself how to draw by doing this series... over the next year and a half before the little paper then i was working on syndicating it to weekly periodicals all over the world...i worked as a stage technician in Boston and Cambridge for a year and a half to get the money to do a mailing to the 2200 weeklies i compiled in a list from spending 5 weeks in the Falmouth  Public Library in the summer of 1983...when i finally made the mailing in the fall of 1985...only one paper published one image once...out of 2200 with 4 images in each...i decided to 1. not work other jobs anymore and to totally give my full attention to my work realizing that "there are things in this life anyone can do and there are those things only i can do and if i don't do them they are never going to happen...and when i focus on doing my work i cant wait to get outta bed in the morning and there don't seem to be enough hours in the day as opposed to when i'm doing other peoples work my mind is screaming to do my own work..." 2. i determined that no matter what else was going on in my life i would spend at least 50% of my time creating... in part because in those years i spent earning the money to do the mailing i wasn't working on my skills so i couldn't be sure the work was as strong as it needed to be when i finally did the mailing...i then decided to move forward with the series and soon began my postcard company...which grew into teaching my self how to silk-screen which grew into hand-painting t shirts which grew into painting 1987...there were 1,000 images in the Blue Muse series...i submitted it to publishers as a daybook/journal to no avail...yet Blue Muse .org was my first website url in 2001...last summer sleeping in the bus one night the idea for the word: "...godschaulk ...?" came to mind in my sleep...the impression was so strong i drew it on the ceiling of the bus so i'd see it waking up...wondering what it meant and where it would lead...then it occurred to me to video drawing it...and as the Sun was crossing my midheaven at 17 degrees scorpio on Nov. 9th 2008...i finally followed through on the soon as i did, after the usual procrastination, i realized it was the revival of the Blue Muse series...applying the use of the other mediums that had come along since BM began...stay tuned...fine tuned... 



b.muse #3. infinite being. . ?



b.muse #1. godschaulk...? godshock..? godschalk...?



b.muse #2. iloveu...?



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stay tuned...

fine tuned...