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 The 90 minute documentary...

chronicling the true story of the personal discovery over 16 years

of 2 archeological sites in the Los Padres National Forest of Big Sur, California

that the U.S. Forest Service knew nothing about...

These discoveries may be connected with the Hopi story of the survivors of the last world purification/destruction by flood
at the end of the 3rd world age and their "place of emergence" into this the 4th world age ...
(for a quick grasp of the back story & photos check out: http:daenglish.com/emergenceproject.htm )

What all of this has to do with the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar on December 21st, 2012...?

What was the true nature of the Hopi Migrations...?


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How will our descendents might look back on this time as transition from the end of the 4th world age and our Emergence into the 5th...