Artist Group

(a.k.a. Xonxious Pilots)

 : a circle of human beings

dedicated to

Art/Science Research & Development;( A/S R&D; a/sr&d)

Presenting innovative multi-media & interdisciplinary works focused on the positive evolution of consciousness on Earth...

 : a band of brilliance & ingenium employing what we've learned of the science of art & the art of science

to stimulate the collective remembrance of who we all really are, where we each really come from, & why it is we've each chosen to come to Earth...

Conscious Pilots


RYAN MITCHELL: 310 613-8569

Light & Sound Healer, Technical Wizard Ninja Jedi, Sacred Geometry Magi.


VisionaryArtist, Seer, Imagineer, Author, Poet, Astrologer, Sacred Geometry Magi, Filmmaker, Designer, Cartoonist, Painter

Here is a one minute demo:


WE are presently developing a traveling exhibition and a permanent exhibition space.

This is a 15 min clip of our first exhibition "THE EXPERIENCE", March 2009.


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