The Free Daily Oracle, Master Almanac, & Mindfulness Cosmic Toolkit App
   Key features include:
* The Master Almanac comprised of 10 calendars from the worlds traditions all in one place;
* The Sacred Geometry Paintings Daily Oracle Perpetual Calendar;
* The I Ching Lunar Oracle Calendar;
* Your daily journal tools to record your written insights, dreams, visions, ideas, and inspirations via text, audio, video, and photo entries;
* The Daily Question: a yearlong series of original, inspiring words on full color images from The Seven Books of Divine Metaphysics.
* The daily cartoon * The daily enigma * The daily absurdity
* A video library of meditation videos including the series of 2 minute Playa-to-Playa Wave Meditations, and The Sacred Geometry Paintings (TM) meditation videos.
Plus much more:
* An online art gallery/store, a paperback book store, an Ebook store, a music store...

Designed and built to feature the work of the artist David Alexander English (hence

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Contact:  310-526-1459